It all began in a tiny chocolate shop in Lyon, France. One of their specialties was a devilishly good “chocolat du diable” with the flavors of blood orange and ginger. After I had polished off all the ones I returned home with, I decided to recreate them myself. Later I developed new flavors, inspired by the fantastic food culture of my then home, the San Francisco Bay area, and by travels around the globe. I started making chocolate truffles on a regular basis for friends and family. Fast forward many years and a transcontinental move later, I launched Swoon in late 2018 to bring adventurous chocolates and confections to Washington DC. 

Sustainability - Swoon is committed to making conscious and informed decisions about ingredients, packaging, and distribution that help us all, as a company and as consumers, be better stewards of the Earth's finite resources.

Ingredients - Swoon uses the best possible ingredients, sourced from around the world and or our own backyard.

Cottage Food - Swoon is the second-ever Cottage Food business registered in DC.

Entrepreneurship - Swoon is a (very) small and woman-owned business.

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