Swoon chocolates vary by season and inspiration, and are always made by hand in very small batches.

Truffles have soft ganache centers made with bittersweet chocolate and cream or coconut cream (for a dairy-free version).

February 2020 flavors:
  • Fig and Port
  • Raspberry Rose
  • Champagne Alegría
  • Whisky Cocktail Collection: Sazerac, Mint Julep, Manhattan

Past flavors include:
  • Blood Orange & Ginger
  • Spearmint Julep
  • Black Pepper Pecan (dairy-free)
  • Armagnac Plum
  • Bay Leaf
  • Bitter Lemon (dairy-free)
  • Rose Harissa
  • Clover Honey & Yogurt
  • Dark & Stormy
  • Salty Lime with Tequila

Swoon chocolates and confections are made with the best and freshest ingredients, in small batches, and without the use of any preservatives, so don’t hoard them! Enjoy your chocolates while they’re fresh – within two weeks is best. Store them at cool room temperature (60-70° F) and away from humidity. If you need to refrigerate your chocolates, make sure to allow time for them to return them to room temperature before eating them to bring out the full flavor.

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